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Fine jewelry - Handcrafted Engagement Rings
Custom designed ring in blue diamond and diamonds
Customize Necklaces in Diamonds, Gemstones, Birthstones and Metal

Handcrafting custom jewelry since 1890.
Certified Natural AAA Gemstone and Diamond Jewelry direct from source.

to develop the perfect jewelry
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Design concept and sketch
Send us your custom design or ideas and work with one of our designers
CAD and 3D models of design
Review precise CAD and 3D models of your design
Final handcrafted design
Approved design is handcrafted specially for you

Birthstone Jewelry

According to folklore and stories throughout history, many gemstones are thought to offer mystic healing to its wearer. So, treat yourself or a loved one to beautifully handcrafted birthstone jewelry from Diamondere.

December birthstone - Tanzanite Jewelry
Tanzanite: Signifies insight, understanding and sensitivity. Tanzanites are worn to transform negative energies into positive ones.
January birthstone - Garnet Jewelry
Garnet: Signifies purity, truth, faithfulness. Garnets are worn to cure depression, protect against bad dreams and relieve diseases of the liver.
Jewelry Certification
Certified handcrafted jewelry. Always!

Any jewelry you receive from us, is certified by leading gemological institutes like GIA, IGI and SGL. They ascertain the quality and weight of the diamonds, gemstones and gold in your certificate. Just another industry-first initiative, to give you the most transparent jewelry buying experience.
Customize your jewelryNot only for the Royals anymore.

We are finally offering everyone access to our family's 122-year legacy of exquisite fine jewelry design. We started out as exclusive designers for celebrities, dignitaries and Royals, specializing in customized jewelry only. Later, we mass-produced jewelry for some of your favourite brands. Now, we have come back to what we love doing the most, personalizing jewelry – just this time, we encourage everyone to work with our designers. At least, be inspired to customize our designs using your choice of colored diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. We want you to exclaim, 'this design has a piece of me!'.

Exclusive designs at lower costs
No middlemen, retail overheads or designer markups!

Since we have no middlemen and are online only, we eliminate brick-and-mortar expenses and pass all these savings on to you. Why pay up to 5x more with other brands, when you can get customized jewelry for much less with us.
Design Your Own Engagement Ring
Start creating your own ring
Ethically sourced Natural AAA gemstones
We handpick our gemstones from conflict-free mines across the globe